Benefits of Baby Massage

Field T. Hernandez Reif M, Sleep problems in infants decrease following massage therapy, Early Child development 1988

Research by a team at the University of Warwick says that massage may help infants aged under six months sleep better, cry less and be less stressed. The team of researchers from Warwick Medical School and the Institute of Education at the University of Warwick was led by Angela Underdown. They looked at nine studies of massage of young children covering a total of 598 infants aged under six months.

Massage Intervention for promoting mental and physical health in infants under six months (Review)” University of Warwick 2006.

They found the various studies showed a range of significant results including indications that infants who were massaged cried less, slept better, and had lower levels of stress hormones such as cortisol compared to infants who did not receive massage. One of the studies examined also claimed that massage could affect the release of the hormone melatonin, “which is important in aiding infants’ sleeping patterns.” (Underdown 2006).

Taken from Warwick University News & Event website.

This study concluded that massage helps babies and toddlers settle down to sleep. After one month of fifteen minutes of massage a day, children fell asleep faster. The sleep problem rate in the group fell from 100% to 33%. Research supporting weight gain through positive touch. Many studies have shown that infants who are massaged put on weight. Massage increases the activity of the vagus nerve and increased vagal activity during massage leads to an increase in the production of sugar absorption hormones such as insulin which could account for the weight gain of infants who are massaged. (Tiffany Field. Interview 1998).

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